Welcome to Wilmat Application Software Demonstration Website.

Wilmat has for a number of years being providing reasonably priced full featured website to our clients.

Most of the text and photos that will display on your website can be created and managed via the Admin Section. You can access the Admin Section of the Demonstration Website by logging on with the Usercode "ADMIN" and the Password "PASSWORD".

Also, if you wish to display a list of horses that are under your care you may do so by exporting the information from your Stallion by Wilmat database and uploading it to your website.

Using the login form on your website's home page, your client can also log into you website where they can access information only available to your owners. This information includes the Owner's Name and Address, a list of the horses in which he has a share or interest and the balances for his account and balances for each individual horse. Further, notes and other items of interest which can only be viewed by the horse owner are also available.

If information has not been entered into a particular section, then the corresponding menu option will not display.


A number of new features and pages have been recently added to the Wilmat websites. 

Included in the new features is a Slide Show facility which will allow you to add and remove photos to the slide show.


New pages have also been added to the site, including a Staff page which has text and a photo as well as a question and answer section. Pages have also been added to facilitate the entry of Horse and Owner information for those who wish to update the site directly rather than upload data from the Stallion by Wilmat Database.